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Professional Skylights for Severna Park, MD

Current research is finding more added benefits of natural light daily. Having a home where natural light is prevalent has health and home ownership advantages. Adding a skylight to your home is a great way to let that natural light shine in. If you want to add a skylight to your home, trust the experts with Colonial Roofing Co. Our team near Severna Park, MD can install a new skylight, as well as replace or repair your existing one.

Natural light can increase productivity levels, improve moods, boost a body’s vitamin D and aid in better sleep. Natural light is better for vision and increases the body’s natural production of serotonin, helping to fight depression. Adding a skylight to home is a perfect way to let in that light. As well as the added health benefits associated with natural light, there are benefits to your home as well. A house with ample natural light means less artificial light. That means lower energy costs for your home, saving you money.

Skylight Installation

Colonial Roofing Co can install a new skylight for your home in the Severna Park area. We use only the highest quality products, no matter the services we provide. Therefore, we are proud partners with Velux Skylights and WASCO. These brands are known through the industry for trouble-free installs, an array of selection, innovative technology, reliable servicing and life-long performance guarantee. With an energy-efficient skylight installed in your home, you may receive a 30% tax credit.

In addition, Velux offers:

  • Neat brand glass, reducing water spots and external noise
  • Option to add blinds
  • A No-Leak promise
  • 10-year warranty

WASCO Skylights provide:

  • Up to 46% more daylight per light
  • Solar powered options
  • 10-year warranty

Repairs and Replacements

As we are a top roofing company in the Severna Park area, we can take care of repair work for your existing skylight. Each of our technicians and roofers is current on Maryland’s construction and roofing codes, so you know you are getting service you can trust. After a full evaluation of the repair work to be done, we go over the options, so you know the extent of the work needed. If your skylight is beyond repair or if a replacement light is more cost-effective than repair work, we can discuss those options with you too. We provide full transparency to our clientele and want you to have all the information, so you can make the best choice possible.

Contact Colonial Roofing Co

Whether you want a new skylight or just need some repair work done, trust our professionals. We deliver skillful work and premium products, so your skylight adds all it can to your home. You can reach us at (410) 729-3550.

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