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Roof Replacements for Severna Park, MD

Roof replacements may seem like a big undertaking but it’s crucial to have a roof in good condition for your home, no matter the season. For a cozy, secure home with a roof that lasts, reach out to Colonial Roofing. What may appear to be a small roofing problem can affect your home significantly. And with the changing seasons, it’s very important to have a roof in good repair to stay comfy, dry and warm. No house should have a bad roof when Colonial Roofing’s specialists are available to help. Call us now for roof replacements and roof restorations in Severna Park, MD. We’ve been offering professional roofing services to homes in the region for over 35 years.

We Will Restore Your Roof

The roofing contractors from Colonial Roofing have been providing dependable residential roof restoration and roof replacement services throughout the Severna Park, MD, area, for many years. Since our expert roofers are very grounded with the industry, our staff makes sure to only use quality materials for each of our residential roof renovation and restoration projects. Our experts ensure they will follow all of the roofing codes for Maryland completely. When one of our experts comes to your home, you know that a licensed and experienced contractor will take care of your roof replacement.

It can be challenging for any homeowner in Severna Park to know if they need to get their roof inspected to determine if a replacement is necessary or if minor repairs will suffice. Below are some things you can look at to determine if you need to replace your roof.

The Age of Your Roof: Roofs are typically good for about 20-25 years, so if you know your roof is older than that, you may want to call a roofing contractor to come to take a look at it.

Warps or Buckling: Look at the parts of your roof that get direct sunlight. If the shingles are curled, lifted, or losing the protective granule barrier, then you want to contact a professional for a roof replacement.

Valleys in Your Roof: Snow and rain flow through the valleys down to your gutters. If shingles are falling apart, you may get some leakage, so you should call Colonial Roofing for help.

The Chimney Flashing: Damaged flashing on your chimney could also lead to leaks. However, with our expert roofing contractors on the job, this could be addressed quickly.

Shingles: Look in the gutters and check to see if the granules from your shingles are accumulating in there. This lets you know that the shingles are beginning to fall apart. Lots of discoloration from one shingle to the next is also an indicator your shingles are getting worn out.

Roof Replacements and Roofing Renovation Services

Colonial Roofing looks out to make sure you get top-rated roof repair services for your home in Severna Park, MD. You can rely on us to handle those challenging roof replacements to make your home secure. You can pick from an assortment of options, such as shingles, roofing tiles, and specialty-style roofs. If there are any questions about the right roofing material or style for your home, our specialists will give you the expert instruction you need. Here are the services we can give to you:

  • Replacing ripped shingles
  • All rotted OSB restored
  • Chimneys flashed with matching aluminum and matching caulk
  • Attic fans resealed or replaced
  • New skylights installed
  • Ridge vents installed on peaks of roofs where possible

We like to start all of our roofing projects by sitting down with you, making sure that you know exactly what the project requires. We like to keep clear communication with all of our clients so there are no surprises. We are proud of our honest, reliable roofing services.

Expert Roofing Contractors Working for You

The right repair, maintenance and roof replacement schedule for your home will ensure that it’s in excellent condition and ready to protect your place. We are your go-to roofing experts in the Severna Park, MD, area. Our roofing contractors will conduct a comprehensive assessment of every part of your roof, schedule and carry out practical maintenance, and take care of any needed repairs. With our knowledge and background, we can help make sure your roofing is secure and help you resolve your restoration needs while keeping within budget.

Our service professionals are authorized to perform maintenance and restorations for all types of roofing materials. At Colonial Roofing, we are familiar with most manufacturers warranties and specifications and can help you resolve any repairs within their requirements.

The tops of roofs will be exposed to many different elements that lead to the degradation of their materials. It takes an expert to make sure everything is tackled correctly, so that your roof remains in good condition for years to come. Each situation is one of a kind, so we assess your roof’s condition and perform any necessary cleaning and roof restoration.

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