I’m not new to the roofing process and the little things that make the difference between someone trying to make a buck and a company focused on customer satisfaction. Colonial Roofing is clearly the latter.

Over the winter we developed a leak in our 20-year-old skylights. After a quick review of their website and verification of their BBB A+ Rating, on Friday 13 January we called Colonial Roofing to schedule an estimate to replace the windows. On Monday Curtis came to our home, listened and then measured everything, inside and out 3 times. Because our skylights were an odd; but not custom size, he measured them two more times with their supplier on the phone measuring on his end windows he had in stock, to determine whether they could do the install in just two days, or whether they’d have to special order them.

When Curtis finished he talked to us about the skylight replacement, and also about doing the entire roof as he found several issues while he was topside. I was aware of some; but not everything he found. He went to his truck and verified his numbers and while we weren’t in the market to replace the entire roof even though it was sorely in need of it, he made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. 30 Minutes later we signed a contract.

Two days later 10 minutes before their scheduled 9AM start time one of the crew showed up and began surveying the site. 45 minutes after that, a boom truck had hoisted all the supplies across the span from the road to our roof and 6 guys were stripping the old shingles. Curtis came in to let us know who the foreman was and to tell us he’d be back noon to help fit the skylights. At 12:45 the old roof was gone, the skylights were set and they were putting the new one down. At 4PM they were finished and two guys were walking the yard with magnets while the others were picking up debris.

The thing I was most impressed with was seeing multiple sets of eyes on every problem. One guy set the skylights and flashed them, another followed him, verifying it was right and the foreman gave it the final thumbs up. Three different guys walked the perimeter looking for nails, trash and debris. Every aspect of the job was professional and thorough, and they worked non-stop.
If you need a roof and you want a professional, competent and thorough crew, choose Colonial Roofing.